December 2000

Volume 3, Issue 1

The Trail

In 1999, our search for gold was limited to Alaska.  We went straight to Chicken, Alaska, from Louisville, 3,900 miles, 10 days. 
We did take a new route, up through the Dakotas, into Manitoba. We then traveled across Saskatchewan, Alberta and into British Columbia, to pick up the Alaskan Highway in Dawson Creek.
We came back through Montana and N. Dakota to Minnesota.
Fortunately, the trip was fairly uneventful. That means nothing worse than a flat tire, and there were four of those, two going and two coming back.


Late last fall, we had purchased two additional claims, #10 & #13, above and below our original claim, #11.  We did a little work on #10, the last two weeks of the season.  Though that had included the best three days of the season, the rest of the two weeks had not been exciting, and the couple we bought it from had said they had worked it pretty good. 
We had seen the result on #13, worked by the De

Vores for a month or so, and it looked promising.  That is where we started, and basically stayed there the whole summer, looking for a hot spot.
The season started with promise.  Sampling up and down the bank, indicated several good spots near the bank on the near side (the side nearest the road) of the river.  However, after four weeks of working them, they didn't "pan out", so to speak.
During the summer, we

had four significant floods, which hampered our ability to work at all for a number of days, and in the middle of the river, much of the time.  Between the second and third flood, we located a spot in the middle of the river which was producing about ¼ ounce in four to five hours.  Then, the water started rising again, slowly.  The third day, I could barely pull the dredge out to tie it to the metal stake I had driven in the riverbed.

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