three of the bolete types.  I would cook some, and eat some.  If I felt alright the next day, Peggy would eat some, too. We ate them as a single dish and in stews and spaghetti sauce. 
I started finding a type called Hawk Wing.  I found a number of them, including one that weighed about 5 pounds and was bigger than my hat.  We also found some hedgehogs that are good.
But, we missed the mushroom rush. Due to the huge fire in 1999, there was a large number of morel mushrooms during 2000. These are expensive, and some of the miners picked them during the high water, possibly doing better than they would have dredging.
Maybe there will be a few next year.

North Carolina. This was a nice place to spend the winter, even if they did have a near record snow right after we got there. The beach was nice, even in winter.
We spent a weekend touring Savannah, with Doug and Mary McNutt. Saw lots of alligators and dug sand dollars on the beach.
I did some metal detecting on the beach, but the biggest find was in the swamp, a 1994 Toyota MR2.  We left there in June, it was getting hot.
On the way home, we spent several days at LDMA's gold camp, at Vein Mountain, NC, just relaxing.
We were home for the month of June. Peggy helped the Women's Gold Cup with the staging of the games in Louisville, and I got to

go to all the games, free.
After the month at home, we went to West Bend, Wisconsin. There we assisted the Milwaukee office with wind and sewer back up claims, and the Fond du Lac office with hail claims. We spent the summer at a little summer resort lake, and it never hit 90 degrees all summer. We visited with Richard and Karen Williams.

From Wisconsin, we went directly to Beckley, West Virginia, to handle auto claims in the State Farm office. We went to Bridge Day, to watch people jump off the bridge with parachutes to try to land on a little spot of sandy riverbank. Some did. We finish up here in January. Then, who knows.