to several friends. We stayed at the same RV Park with Bill & Sandy Kaltenekker. Bill was recovering from a heart transplant in February. Bill was not able to make the trip to Alaska in the Spring, but Sandy did with relatives and friends. Bill made it up in the fall to pack up and bring equipment back. Bill was really doing great by that time.
  We also visited with Frank & Marie Rojas.  Marie had recently been diagnosed with cancer and had just started treatment. Regretfully, the treatment was not successful and she passed on about a month later. Our hearts go out to Frank and his family at this time of the year.
  We also visited with Manny & Brenda Fineberg while in Los Angeles, who took us to an MLS soccer game.
  Allen Phoenix was in Chicken, visiting from England, when we arrived. We quickly became good friends. Allen worked with us during the summer and looked after the trailer and Lady, while we were in Hawaii. He is spending the winter in Chicken. I just