them on, we discovered the white wall design included a cowboy hat. We have not seen any like them, and no one else has that has looked at them.
  As we left Arizona, we stopped in Quartzite and bought a used inverter and two golf cart type batteries. This will allow us to run 110 volt items off the batteries, while the generator is not running. We left and went to Duisenberg, where I started to install it. After getting it hooked up, we discovered it did not work. I found it had been shorted out inside.
  We had to drive back to Quartzite, a day's drive. They gave us another, and it has worked fine.
  We had another fuel pump replaced on the truck. It seems to be acting up again.   
  We did not have a single flat tire. But, one of the new tires developed a bubble on the side, about 150 miles before we got home, changed it. I can live with that.


  In 1997, we had all kinds of problems with the trailer, especially axles, and the truck. I am pleased to say this trip a much less uneventful.
  At about 44,000 miles, we had to get a new set of tires, before we started up to Alaska. While in Los Angeles, Bill and I went looking for a set of tires. I looked at a couple of types, then the salesman suggested another tire, they had four left. They were called Rodeo Boots. The tire tread is entirely made up of outlines of cowboy boots. The price was right and the 60,000 mile rating what I wanted. When they put