Alaska Placer Mining License for suction dredge on the South Fork of the Fortymile River

Our campsite at 72.1mile Taylor Highway.

South Fork of the Forthymile River, Claim # 11, approximately 72.8 mile, Taylor Highway

Looking up at Taylor Highway (at spot above photo was tken from), from claim #11

Peggy and 4" dredge on Claim 13

Peggy cleaning up the 4" dredge.

Everett, with 6" dredge at center, and Allen's 5" at left, on claim #11.


Chicken Saloon

Bar inside saloon. Everett at left, Toad (long time local resident) at center and Allen (Englishman spending the summer) on the right.

Area of Old town of Denali, on Valdez Creek. This view is looking down on Roosevelt Creek, and road goes to Surpirse Creek.

See below.

About June 15. Road and creek to Surprise creek. A week later we drove up the creek. Went trout fishing in Roosevelt
Lake at just after midnight. Most of lake still frozen.